What is Paddock Paradise?

Paddock Paradise is a concept based on “the lifestyles of the wild and free-roaming horses living naturally in the U.S. Great Basin” (the American Mustang) that was first conceived as a way to provide domestic horses with an environment that more closely resembles their natural habitat.

The principal goal of PP is to facilitate health and soundness – both physical and mental – in our horses. In fact, it is an ideal preventative to many of the illnesses and disorders plaguing domestic equines who are forced to live in stalls or other forms of close confinement or, equally hazardous, in lush, sugar-laden grass pastures. In fact, a genuine PP can virtually eliminate the risk of laminitis, colic, Navicular Syndrome, Cushings Syndrome, and other debilitating conditions caused by an unnatural lifestyle and diet.  As well, it allows horses to eat as they do in nature – on the move! 

The lessons

According to research and studies conducted by the author of Paddock Paradise (Jaime Jackson), bands of (horse) family members move along familiar routes or tracks as they travel great distances to different places in their various territories. Because horses are animals of prey, they instinctively move in close (single-file) formation across these home ranges as they seek out forage, water, rolling spots, other herds with whom they wish to interact and other activities essential to their biology and survival.

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Horses quickly reveal their desire to use the tracks in Paddock Paradise and demonstrate this by creating narrow, worn down paths – just like in wild horse country – where travel or forward movement is the sole purpose or activity.

The concept

  • Connector.

    Create a track around the pasture

    This is where the horses travel.

  • Connector.

    Place some feeding stations

    Where they can eat hay / hay and hay!

  • Connector.

    Vary with different subsurfaces

    To mimic more natural ground surfaces.

  • Connector.

    Make life interesting for your horse!

    Challenge your horse!

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The book

Available in 6 different languages and more are coming!!!

Paddock Paradise book

Learn all about Jaime's lessons from the wild and how to implement these lessons on your own pasture!!!

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The book is already translated into 6 different languages!

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What people are saying

“This book is so informative. We are now using this information to make a Paddock Paradise at our small horse farm. This is truly a wonderful book that helps you to understand the natural nature of the horse. Well written. Would recommend this book to all horse people those that would like to learn.”

~ Nixie Sept. 26, 2016 (Amazon Review of Paddock Paradise)

“This is a great book. It really revolutionizes the way we should all be looking at equine care. Love it. Selling our house and getting our own place so we can put this method into practice with our horses that have been boarded for years.”

~ Margaret, July 23, 2015 (Amazon Review of Paddock Paradise)

“This book describes his time living among wild horses, his discoveries, and his system for implementing the essential nature of the wild horse environment into domestic environments. Even if you don’t have a horse you will enjoy this book and the picture of the horse in its natural environment that it delivers.”

~ Janus, Feb. 11, 2016 (Amazon Review of Paddock Paradise)

The author

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