Jaime Jackson is a 40-year veteran hoof care professional, author, researcher and noted expert on both wild and domestic horses.

A pioneer in the practice of natural horse care, Jaime regularly traveled to the U.S. Great Basin from 1982 to 1986 to spend time observing the horses in their natural environment as well as gathering specific data on their hooves with the assistance of the U.S. government.
He first wrote of this in the wake of his wild horse studies in the U.S. Great Basin, in his seminal work, The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild, released by Northland Publishing in 1992.

Books by Jaime Jackson
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    The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild (1992)

    What is natural for your horse? Based on ground-breaking research with wild horses of the U.S. Great Basin, The Natural Horse vividly describes how domestic horses can be made happier and healthier through an understanding of what nature intended for their species. This landmark book, originally published in 1992 as The Natural Horse: Lessons from the Wild by Northland Publishing, opened the doors to the current international “natural horse care” revolution.

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    Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care (1996)

    The original foundation book of the natural hoof care movement. Features step-by-step instructions for the natural trim based on the wild horse model. This is the book that “launched a thousand trimmers” (or more!)

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    Founder: Prevention & Cure the Natural Way (2000)

    Founder kills thousands of horses every year, and leaves tens of thousand of others debilitated in its wake. In this startling revelation and guide to the natural, holistic cure and prevention of founder, author/hoof care expert Jaime Jackson brings an entirely new perspective to the treatment table.

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    Guide to Booting Horses for Hoof Care Professionals (2002)

    This guide focuses particularly on the use of the Swiss Horse Boot, hailed by Jackson as “the best riding boot on the market, based on its value, adaptability, and ease of use.”

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    Official Trimming Guidelines of the AANHCP (2006)

    This guide has the most current step-by-step trimming instructions for the natural trim.

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    Paddock Paradise: A Guide to Natural Horse Boarding (2006)

    Paddock Paradise is a revolutionary model and guide for safe, natural horsekeeping, hoof care, and the healing and rehabilitation of lame horses. The premise of “Paddock Paradise” is to stimulate horses to behave and move naturally according to their instincts. This unique and unprecedented model is adaptable to virtually all size horse properties, regardless of climate, and fits all equine breeds regardless of how they are used. Consider some of the following benefits for creating a Paddock Paradise for your horses:

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    The Natural Trim: Principles and Practice (2012)

    This concise and comprehensive guide to the natural trim was written with two objectives in mind. First, to serve as a training manual for professional hoof care practitioners wishing to master the artful science of natural hoof care. And second, to impress upon any horse owner who happens upon this guide to consider the merits of its contents and make the decision to give their horse the humane benefits of natural horse care that his species needs and deserves.

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    The Healing Angle: Nature's Gateway to the Healing Field (2014)

    The Healing Field takes the artful science of NHC beyond mere trim mechanics. No doubt without it, there would be no more order in the most “perfectly” shaped hoof in wild horse country than the most compromised domesticated hoof suffering chronic Supercoriaitis. The Healing Field connects all things, past, present, and future, in the best of ways and in the worst imaginable. It demonstrates unequivocally the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy and its relationship to “cause and effect” in life as a consequence of what we do. This book provides the historical backdrop for the “Healing Angle” derived from the wild horse model. But it also takes the reader into the strange and mysterious Healing Field where mediation of mass and energy affects everything we do and life as we know it.

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    Laminitis: An Equine Plague of Unconscionable Proportions (2016)

    This book provides a concise and useful guide for horse owners to take immediate and productive action against laminitis and keep it out of their horses’ lives once and for all.

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    Training Manual (2017)

    This is the “official” training manual of the ISNHCP Natural Trim Training Program. The manual is “keyed” to the training steps delineated on the ISNHCP website ( I wrote this extensive “study guide” to help students in their studies of our many learning materials, which otherwise is a very daunting task. I introduce students to each new area of study, which include my most recent interpretations of and insights into the complexities of the natural trim, along with many “quizzes” and a quiz “answer key” so they can check their understanding of the material as they move forward. The main purpose is to provide students with a solid academic foundation of the natural trim which they will need if they are to advance the highest levels of achievement as practitioners in the field.