Just as nature provided what is best for the wild horse, Paddock Paradise is an attempt to replicate those essential factors that naturally create physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Translate the lessons to our concept

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    Create a track which is about 10 to 15 feet wide

    Although we’ve not even begun to flesh out the many possible features of Paddock Paradise, early experiments reveal that horses begin to move almost immediately on track, and usually clockwise!

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    Diet and feeding behavior

    The first regimen of stimuli should relate directly to the horse’s most pressing survival need, one nearly always present in his mind due to the nature of his digestive tract: diet. The horse must be encouraged to nibble and move. We help by the placement of feed on track and the quantities provided. We spread the hay around the track at regular intervals. We can also set out salt and natural mineral blocks along the way.

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    Water and watering behavior

    The obvious need for the horse to quench his thirst is another stimulus to cause movement on track. Going one step further consider creating a water hole large enough for your horses to wade and bathe in.

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    Dung, copraphagous and dominance behaviors

    The accumulation of dung will sooner or later become an issue, at least in smaller paddocks. While the majority of dung can be removed as necessary, our model shows us that a certain amount should be deliberately left on track. There are two reasons: dominance and copraphagous behaviors.

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    Rolling, pawing and bathing behaviors

    There seem to be two distinct patterns of rolling behavior in wild horse country. One is a mud bath and occurs in relation to the water hole, the other occurs elsewhere on track and is more of a ‘dusting’ experience.

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    Camping behaviors: resting, sleeping and grooming

    Whereas feeding behavior occupies the greatest portion of equine life in the wild, ‘camping’ behavior assumes a not too distant second – roughly a third of his daily life. By camping, I mean he’s basically standing around an movement on track has effectively come to a halt. At regular intervals, family members take every opportunity to stop at favorite camp spots to rest or sleep, to groom every reachable part of each other. Horses in Paddock Paradise should be expected and allowed to rest and sleep throughout the day. Horses may enjoy camping in different locations. Accordingly, I would provide several enlarged areas for camping along the track.

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    Reproductive and foaling behavior

    Paddock Paradise provides the ideal environment for reproductive and foaling behaviors. From the moment of birth, new born foals should live their lives on track, moving with the normal ‘flow’ of movement established by the alpha mares and alpha males (if present). I recommend creating breakout cells from the track for foaling purposes.

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    Agonistic and play behavior

    Agonistic behavior is combative behavior, simply put, a time to ‘fight’. Play behavior, at least among the males, closely resembles agonistic behavior. In the wild, male horses love to play fight.

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    Relative dominance

    The horses must be allowed to choose their friendships, alliances and relative positions in the band’s or herd’s natural pecking order. This isn’t something we determine for them, they determine it themselves. For example, horses pick their positions on trail rides with other horses. Horse owners who don’t respect this may get caught in the middle of the ensuing not-so-friendly jabs kicks that take place.

Somewhere in Normandy, Joyce, owner of recreational horses, tells her discovery and practice of the "Paddock Paradise" according to Jaime Jackson, which allows her to take care of his horses and keep them healthy.

A PP will encourage movement even on small acreages. It allows horses to live more closely to the manner nature intended, moving freely 24/7 and eating in a more natural way by having constant access to the right kinds of food placed strategically throughout their track.


We should make every effort to stimulate, safe, sleeping sanctuaries in Paddock Paradise.